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Profile of the Month: Cindy Provin, Chief Executive Officer

Cindy Provin is a 20-year veteran at Thales. This month, she became the CEO for Thales eSecurity. Previously, she served as the President for Thales eSecurity Americas, and Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer for Thales eSecurity.

In her new role as CEO, Cindy will be responsible for leading a world-class organization and delivering a portfolio of security solutions to protect data wherever it is created, shared or stored.

Cindy Provin

“I am really excited about leading and growing Thales eSecurity,” says Cindy. “I am also very excited to take our customers through the journey to digitally transform their organizations.”

Even though Cindy is a leader in the cybersecurity industry, she is still learning on the job. “New threats and new counter measures are appearing daily,” she says. “This industry is so interesting because change happens so quickly and you never stop learning.”

Asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Cindy says, “Whether it is my team here at Thales or our customers and partners, the most rewarding part is having the opportunity to work with outstanding people on a daily basis.”

Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland.

Number of cups of coffee I drink per day: At least two cups a day, but sometimes three!

Passion outside of work: Outside of work I enjoy diving, boating, and cooking.

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